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Sams' Club Product Data API

A GET request to our /api/getter/?platform="samsclub_detail" endpoint allows you to scrape product data for any product listing URL on in real-time.


Here's an example showcasing how you can scrape product data for any product on using its URL. For this example, we use the URL of this product.

curl -v -L ''


When using curl, it is necessary to add the option -L to get the data back. This is because in some cases our server responds with a 301 and curl does not follow the redirect by default.

Query Parameters

As you can see in the example above, our endpoint needs the following query parameters:

Product URL



Product listing's URL on Remove unnecessary query parameters and encode the URL.

Other Required Parameters



Specifies the scraping engine you wish to invoke. In this case, the value should be samsclub_detail.



Your account's token—which can be obtained by signing up here.


The value of the query parameter url must be URL or percent encoded. If you're using Python, this can be done with the function urlencode.


The response will include the following attirbutes for the product:

Attributes Returned Data Type Information Represented
name string Name of product lisitng
brand string Product's brand name
images list List containing URLs of the product images
description string Description of product lisitng
price string Price of product
price_reduced string Discounted price of product, if any
rating float Average rating of product
total_reviews int No. of reviews received
categories list List of categories the product belongs to
highlights list Product highlights
model_no string Manufacturer's model no. of product lisitng
product_id string Sams Club retailer ID for product lisitng
in_stock bool Whether product is in stock or not

Response Example

Here's the response you can expect to receive for the request showcased above:

    "success": true,
    "url": "",
    "result_count": 1,
    "detail": {
        "name": "Pure Life Purified Water (16.9 fl. oz., 40 pk.)",
        "brand": "Pure Life",
        "price": "$4.98",
        "price_reduced": "$4.98",
        "in_stock": true,
        "rating": 4.8052,
        "description": "Whichever family you’re with, we’re here for you, with Pure Life Purified Water. Whether you’re looking for refreshing hydration options for your kids, team, or best friends, our quality bottled water is perfectly sized to fit your family. The 16.9 oz./500 mL Pure Life small water bottles are ideal for on-the-go hydration, for travel, office, or in the car. And with a quality process, every drop gives you and your family the healthy hydration and refreshment you need to feel and be your best. So, grab a case of water and make Pure Life part of your family's routine. It's an easy swap towards a healthier lifestyle.\nPure Life’s Commitment to Recycling, Our Veterans, And Quality Water\nRecycle Your Pure Life Water Bottles\nAll of our PET bottles are designed to be recyclable, and in order to continue using recycled plastic, we need your help to recycle. Once our bottles are recovered and sent to a recycler, they are cleaned, dried, and melted into pellets which can be used for our new bottles.\nPure Life Proudly Supporting Veterans\nPure Life® is proud to partner with the FITOPS Foundation, an organization dedicated to supporting Veterans in living a life of purpose after their military service.\n100% Pure Quality Water\nOur quality has been our promise to you for over 20 years. Every drop of our water goes through a 12-step quality process so that you can enjoy its refreshing crisp taste every time you take a drink.\n\n\n\n\n\nGiving Back to Communities\nWe believe that everyone should have access to clean, purified water, and we actively support communities across the country by supplying water in times of need. We also support families in all their wonderful forms – the ones that we’re born into and the ones that we choose – to live their best and healthiest lives.\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nSupporting the University of Health & Performance \n\nOne way we’re giving back is by supporting our nation’s family of veterans in discovering renewed purpose following their military service. Through our partnership with the University of Health & Performance and FitOps Foundation, we’re supporting their mission of empowering veterans to find renewed purpose through the power of fitness and community. The University of Health & Performance gives veterans the training and resources they deserve to become purpose-driven fitness, health and wellness leaders so they can give back to their own communities in new and impactful ways. \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nSupporting All Families \n\nAt the University of Health & Performance’s 500-acre campus, veterans receive hands-on training and acquire skills to confidently start, or enhance, health and wellness coaching careers. As they complete their training certifications, they build a sense of community, helping them to achieve their personal and professional goals. Our donations to FitOps Foundation support scholarships for veterans training at the University of Health & Performance so they can complete the course at no cost.  \n\n\n\n",
        "categories": [
                "name": "All Departments",
                "url": ""
                "name": "Grocery",
                "url": ""
                "name": "Beverages",
                "url": ""
                "name": "Bottled and Sparkling Water",
                "url": ""
        "product_id": "prod21002929",
        "model_no": "12271450",
        "images": [
        "total_reviews": 8628
    "remaining_credits": 708158

Request Cost

Each request to this endpoint costs 10 credits.


If the response doesn't include the data you need, or if you have any question or feedback, please write to us at